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FS: keithwbloom SRS style rear sway bar, 034 motorsport trans mounts, maybe more

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I have a few things that have been sitting in my parts area for too long that deserve a new home. More stuff may be added later and I'll post pics when I get a chance. All shipping prices to lower 48

First up is a keithwbloom SRS style rear sway bar. If you've been around here a while you know what this is. If not check out the threads in the group buy section for more info. I purchased this in the group buy a couple years back and it was installed on my wagon for about 2 years. Still in great condition (props to keith's powdercoater). Hardware should probably be replaced but I'll include it so you can find the same size bolts.


Next up is a set of 034Motorsport street density transmission mounts. Includes both left and right sides. Were installed on my car for less than 5000 miles. Makes a huge difference in firming up the drivetrain but does cause increased vibration. I miss the sharper feel getting on and off the throttle but don't miss the vibration. Maybe I'm just getting old
or maybe it's that I also have 034 motor mounts installed.

$50 shipped for the pair

Also have a set of 20 cone seat lug bolts for aftermarket wheels that need them. Only pulled 5 out for the pic but it is a full set.

$20 shipped


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interested in the density mounts, shoot me a PM.

To the top with pics added
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