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SOLD - FS: FK Coilover Kit for B5.5 (not 4motion)


FK Konigsport Coilover Kit part# FKKKVW98
for B5.5 (2001.5 to 2005) Passat V6 Front Wheel Drive

(After posting this, several readers wondered if this could be used for a 1.8T front wheel drive. When I check the specs on the retailer's site, they only indicate for B5.5 sedan with no mention of 1.8T-4cyl or 2.8-V6. The manufacturer's catalog at shows as follows:

Model: Passat Sedan (3BG) from 1091 kg front axle load
TUV approved: 30-65 mm drop
Part # FKKKVW98

My experience is that the taller end of the range of drop should be closer to 50mm to avoid overcompressing the springs. As for the lower end of the range, 65mm seems right or maybe could go lower.
Yes, it's a wild and hairy world of inconsistent specifications for customizing vehicles isn't it? :rolleyes: Please do your research, because I can't take 'em back after you buy 'em. That's why I've put the price where I have. Just checked my records and 15k on them while on car 15 months until removed, cleaned, and stored in climate controlled condition since 5/2005.)

Original Post follows:

Bought this kit and liked the ride, but the drop was too low for my corporate sled. :cry:
About 12k on the kit before I replaced them. Paid $1100 new. Will sell for 1/2 that, $550 firm, including shipping. Prefer Paypal.
Although eBay is not a good market for these items, you can check my eBay seller rating for trustworthiness: mmadeley. I'm not selling them there.

This kit is probably best for a 2" to 3" drop, because at 1", I was compressing the rear springs too much and rubbing coils. My tech said that 2" or more drop would have worked. The ride was nice and tight without being harsh. Felt very flat in corners. I have Bilstein adjustables now, but the Bilstein ride is harsher than the FK's. Also a heck of a lot more expensive. But what's a fellow to do when he only likes a little drop? I had another kit before that, too. Take advantage of my education and get a nice kit at a good price.

FK Konigsport coilovers feature:
- Fully height adjustable
- Fully firmness adjustable Koni shocks (remove to adjust)
- Shortened strut rods
- Double zinc plated coating on the body
- Anodized adjustment collars
- German TÜV approval
- Features a lifetime warranty (not sure if transferable)
- Lowering range of 40-75mm (1.6" to 3"), best for 2" to 3" drop

Currently offerred at for $1299 new.
Manufacturer is FK, in Germany:

The pictures below are not the exact kit, but they give you an idea of the look. Vanessa is holding a front strut. The rear has the yellow shock.

I can get you some pictures of the actual kit if you are interested.


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