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I have a set of custom sprayed b5 wagon tails. They're colorado red... but the lights still shine thru for signals / brakes / etc. I had them sprayed by Jon at Jon's Tinted Tails a couple years ago with automotive grade paint / clear was used. they shine just like the paint.


not the best pics... but you can kind of see the difference. on a non-colorado red car, noone would even notice they're painted most likely. the tails were like new when i had them done. we only had them on the car for maybe 6 months if that. they've been boxed up ever since. She prefers the b5.5 tails that we put on, and havent ever thought about going back.

I know I had around $125 just in getting them painted, plus the $150 or so that i paid for the lights originally. I am pretty sure that they DO NOT have the light trays with them anymore.

I'd really like to see $125 +shipping for them.

I can get other pics if anyone is interested. They're just boxed up, and I had this pic on my computer already.
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