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For sale, used, working condition Phatnoise System. This includes the following:

- Phatbox Digital Media Player
- 20GB DMS Digital Media Storage
- DMS USB 2.0 Cradle
- 2 Mounting Brackets
- Cable to connect to CD Changer Cord in trunk
- Original User's Manual
- Several quick start and reference cards

I have some music already loaded on the media cartridge. From around 2000-2010 though. The only issue with this is the USB cradle. I haven't loaded new music in a while, and in the 5 minutes I was fiddling with it, I couldn't get the cartridge recognized by the computer. When the cartridge is installed into the car though, the cartridge plays fines. I took a photo of the part of the cradle where I think the problem is. The strip of copper should be longer and make contact when the cartridge is pushed down into the cradle. Currently it does not. A simple solution is to put the cartridge into a USB external enclosure to transfer songs onto it, though this would require opening the cartridge, which isn't hard to do though.

If you have any other questions send me an email or pm.

$80 shipped with either UPS or USPS.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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