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FS Brand New Kodiak slant,45 degrees, bevelled lips for BBS RM and RS 30 holes

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These are brand new Kodiak made in Canada outer ring shells for 15 inch modular wheels like BBS, OZ, Schmidts, Borbets, etc... that uses 30 holes to mount the shell to the wheel.
It is fully polished and never installed.

I have two widths, 2 inch and 1.5 inch, any width is 175.00 CAD each.

I also got 130 new chromed bolts for RS wheels no nuts = 260.00 CAD plus shipping.

or 120 new chromed bolts for RM wheels = 200.00 CAD plus shipping

pictures for illustrative use. :salute:

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ill def forward this information to the guy buying my 30hole oz's.
yes these fit OZ turbos, and most 30 holes wheels.
got some new not used 1.5 inch wide bevelled lips
Can you get these in 17 inch 30 holes???
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