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FS B5.5 TCU with GIAC Tip Chip installed

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Parting out my B5.5... just bought a B6 :)
For Sale TCU with GIAC Tip Chip installed. Part# 8D0 927 156 AT
The ads for this claimed "Superbike Shifting" Shifts much faster, ( Reduces shift delay from 1 sec to 0.2 sec, Works with all engine chips) Holds gears longer, Makes downshifts much more effective.
The GIAC trans chip is a "must have" for all tiptronic transmissions, regardless of the chip in your engine computer (even stock.)

Tip Chip sells for $350

TCU & Chip $200

Please check out part numbers on pic to assure TCU compatibility with your car
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I would be buying this, but have not found ANY TCU that will work with my car...

I have 3BO 927 15G AM.

GL with the sale.
Monday Bump
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