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Hi there,

Looking to sell my B5.5.
  • 2001.5 GLS 1.8T Tip VW Passat 89,764 miles (as of 7/16/2021).
  • Single owner (technically 2, but title was transferred from my dad and re-registered from NJ to NY).
  • I have all 20 years of maintenance work and documentation in PDFs that I will transfer to the new owner. Everything is up to date and serviced (whenever possible) by recommended 3rd party VW shops in the NY/NJ area. E.g., timing belt was replaced at 61k miles. Most vacuum hoses and parts have been replaced over the years and all work is up-to-date or done way before required (as the mileage of the car is so low).
  • No check engine light and has been passing all annual NYS inspections without issue.
  • 90% of the mileage is highway miles. (I live in NYC so the car is only a weekend / holiday driver).
  • Has the full VW Votex body kit, GIAC chip, tip chip, downpipe and exhaust, neuspeed rear anti-sway bar, W8 HIDs (bulbs just replaced in 2020 even though old bulbs still worked), rear fog switch, 17" VW wheels, 6 CD front changer, Eibach springs, Bilsten shocks (replaced @73.6k miles)
  • 4 Potenza AS Ultra High Performance tires last replaced July 2019 (about 7.5k miles ago), battery last replaced June 2018.
  • Was garaged for 70% of its life in NYC. But it has 20 years of city wear and tear, as with most city cars. So cosmetically, the front and rear bumpers do have its share of dings and scratches despite me using the bumper bully religiously.
  • The car was involved in an accident with some damage to the front-end early on in October 2002. Insurance covered and fixed everything. The front hood edge has a tiny bit of rust forming and I believe it's because the body shop didn't do a good enough job painting the new hood 19 years ago.
  • In June 2013, the car was parked on the street and was in a hit-and-run that caused front bumper damage (mostly cosmetic). Insurance covered and fixed all of that.
  • Passenger side window's regulator chain is broken so the window does not work. I had replaced the regulator and chain in June 2018 with the $15 kit off ebay but discovered that there must be a leak in the window seal because the chain rusted after only 3 years again. It's an easy and cheap fix (took me a couple hours) but I didn't bother to replace it again as you would want to find where the leaky seal needs to be replaced or bolstered first.
  • Interior shows normal wear and tear. The roof lining is a little loose in certain areas but still holding up and nothing majorly wrong. Some of the switches and panels show peeling due to age but everything is still working and functional. Leather seats are not cracked or broken in any place but are just a little worn in some places.
  • Over the years, the car sustained a few other hit-and-run scrapes and bruises while parked. It's mostly cosmetic but I had the worst damage patched to prevent rust. They are mostly on the rear passenger quarter panel and door as well as the front passenger wheel well. I did not get it completely fixed and replaced as the cost would have been too much to justify for cosmetic damage.
I'm really hoping another VW or car enthusiast will buy this car as I've been on this forum since the very beginning back in 2001 when I got this car. I would keep it but it really isn't economically feasible to keep two cars in NYC and after 20 years, I'm caving and getting a 7 seater SUV to replace this to accommodate my family and everything that comes with it.

I know everything inside and out with the car and I'm confident this car can easily last another 10 years with regular maintenance. I have no doubt it can go another 20 years with another meticulous and careful owner.

I have tons of maintenance fluids and random other parts that I collected over the years that I would be happy to pass on to help the next owner.

KBB gave an estimate of $3,700. I'll entertain any reasonable offers. I'd rather not trade it in but will be forced to if I don't get what the dealership is giving.

I can get more photos of whatever you need and would be happy to let you take a look in person or through video chat if you would like.

Thanks for looking and reading!


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