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I have owned this car since 2010, it was owned by my parents since new. The car runs and drives well. No check engine lights.
The car is being sold AS-IS - NO WARRANTIES. I have most all the maintenance records, but they are spotty prior to 2010.

Please look at all the pictures here:

Engine: The engine and turbo operate well. Timing belt and water pump replaced at 168k. The car leaks/burns some oil. APR chip. SAIP system removed and emission CEL codes have been erased from ECU.

Interior: Leather. The interior is in good condition for a car of this mileage. Driver's seat has tears.

Exterior: Paint is in fair condition. See pictures. No rust except for front of hood and rear left door jamb. Crack on rear bumper is from when I backed into a telephone pole in 2004. Trunk was also replaced at that time.

Complete list of issues:
- The battery dies after ~48 hours and I don't know why. I disconnect the battery when I plan on leaving it for more than 48 hours and it holds the charge fine.
- Heater core probably needs replacement. Heat is not sufficient in cold temps.
- Front right tie rod needs replacement. I have the parts and they are included.
- It sounds (literally) like the flex pipe is rusted out. This may need to be repaired before passing inspection.
- Side view mirror motors don't work. You must adjust them manually. Side view mirror defrosters do not work.
- Stereo tweeters blown. Rear left speaker does not work.

Let me know if you have any questions. :thumbup:
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