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2005 Passat Wagon, 1.8T, FWD
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1998 VW Passat Wagon
1.8T AEB Engine
5-spd Manual Transmission
appx. 216,000 miles
Daily Driver
$1200 obo

Located in New England, USA – Southern VT/NH, Eastern MA, or nearby

Any suggestions or comments to help me move this on (ranging from "part it out" to "we want it for the museum") will be welcomed.

What Needs to Be Done to It ("Major" items):
The price may go up as I get these things done
• Flex Joint on Down Pipe (currently completely broken)
• Valve Cover Gasket / PCV System (currently leaking oil)
• ABS Front Right Sensor (new sensor was put there a few months ago, now it is signaling "bad" again)
00285 – ABS Wheel Speed Sensor; Front Right (G45)
35-00 - -

What Needs to Be Done to It ("Minor" items):
• A wash and a cleanout. All exterior dirt in the photo comes with it at no extra charge.
• Airbag Light on: connectors behind clockspring needs cleaning
o 00588 – Airbag Igniter; Driver Side (N95)
32-10 Resistance Too High - Intermittent
• CEL on, only one little code:
o 16885 Vehicle Speed Sensor
P0501 – 35 – 00 Implausible Signal
I have replaced the sensor and cleaned the connections between the speed sensor and the dash display with no improvement.
I suspect hidden intermittent shorts or opens in the wiring harness, but have not tried to repair it yet.
o Readiness Code is 0000 0100
o That's all the engine codes, after running for several months without checking or clearing codes...
• Rear Radio speakers are not working. Front speakers are after-market replacements
o 00853 – Loudspeaker(s); Rear
36 – 00 Open Circuit
• Left Rear Door Module needs an internal fix. Car does not recognize door opening or closing
o 01333 – Door Control Module; Rear Left (J388)
49-10 No Communications - Intermittent
• Other CCM Codes:
o 00953 – Interior Light Time Limit
25-10 Unknown Switch Condition - Intermittent
o 01329 – Convenience System Data Bus In Emergency Mode
35-10 - - - Intermittent
• Car has been hit on left-rear corner, and this was not repaired very well by previous owner
• Cruise Control...
o Ribbon cable on turn signal switch for Cruise Control is fried. I have replacement but have not installed or tested it yet.
o The Cruise Control module currently installed was working, but I do not know its condition after the ribbon cable meltdown
o Also, with the implausible Speed Sensor problems, the Cruise Control may not work well.
• Air Conditioning
o The threads for one of the bolts on the belt pulley bracket (the one that holds the tension, not the one that the bracket pivots on) are stripped out.
o There is no belt installed.
o I have never tried to get this working, so I have no idea of the condition.
• Front Bumper
o Some of the mounting "clips" are broken and I have drilled holes above/below them and have used tie-wraps to keep that part of it together. :-(
• Back Hatch Lift Cylinder Mount
o One of the mounts (on the body, right side) that the cylinder goes onto is VERY loosely held, it needs some help.
• Dent on Drivers Door
• Rear Hatch/Liftgate is Black, not Blue
• There is some rust starting to show up (see photos)

What HAS been done...
• Ordinary maintenance and repairs
• Control Arms 179k
• Timing Belt 166k
• Brakes Front: 201k, Rear: 209k
• Front Bearings 187k
• ABS Module Rebuild
• CCM Wiring and CCM replaced
o The original CCM was water damaged and the connectors were very corroded.
o I replaced the CCM and soldered replacement connectors into the harness.
o This work may need revisiting, even though all seems to be dry down there.
• Steering Rack 166k
• Springs and Shocks 179k
The springs are "stock wagon springs." But unfortunately it turns out they are "stock" for the V6, so the front end rides up pretty high because of the lighter weight of the 1.8T
• Starter Replaced with used Starter 201k
Solenoid wire from ECU to Starter has been replaced by me
• Alternator Replaced with used Alternator (but new brushes installed by me) 211k
• Serpentine Belt Tensioner replaced 179k
• Leather Seats front and back, with front heaters and heater controls (Passenger Seat is not hooked up, it only lacks the wires from under dash to seat).


2005 Passat Wagon, 1.8T, FWD
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Thursday Price Drop. 800/offer. But price goes back up if I fix anything on it -- flex joint, PCV, ABS. Do it yourself and $ave.

2005 Passat Wagon, 1.8T, FWD
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Photos got moved, apparently. I probably did that.
Price drop again, rock bottom $700. It will go back up if anything gets fixed. Or get parted out.

Photos are terrible, it's been cleaned up some and put back together some (interior trim) since those were taken.
Drives great, but does need the noted fixes: flex joint, PCV, ABS. Probably needs more but these are the essentials.

More photos here, also at that photo hosting site:

Oh, the passenger seat heater has been hooked up for a long time (I forgot that I did it!) and it works.

PM or email with questions or wishes to purchase!

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