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I've got 4 flik wasps in anthracite for sale, they're 18x7.5 et35. They've been on my car for about a year and a half so they've got the usual little knicks and hairline scratches on the lips, nothing major. One has a small curb rash about an inch and a half long, and another has a small chip around one of the lug holes. Nothing to noticeable from a couple feet away. Two tires are shot and need replacing and two have about 50% tread left. One of the two bad ones is actually popped due to bad wear from bad tie rod ends, and the other bad one is down to the wires. :rolleyes: :crazy:
That being said, 500 shipped(350 for wheels, 150 for shipping)
wheel 1

wheel 2

wheel 2 small chip by lug hole

wheel 3

wheel 3 curbage

wheel 4
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