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FS:17" wheels 5x100 & 5x114 (Indianapolis, IN)

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I have a set of wheels that i want gone. no longer fit any of my cars so want them gone.

17" Konig Absolutes
graphite with polished lips
225/45/17 Toyo Tires
offset: 40
5x100 and 5x114 bolt patterns
2 sets of lugs (almost 2 sets: 38 out of 40 lugs (2 were stolen))

would like 650.00 pick up preferred, may look into shipping but at cost of buyer
on old car:

off car:

open to offers; cant hurt to ask
I am open to trades...
looking for some bright silver or polished & 17" or 18" i think i'd prefer 18's
the front runners would be silver VW "Goals", Audi RS4's (i think those are the 5 spokes) 18", and possibly the A8L wheels (18's preferred)
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oh ok, i dont want to go above 18's. thanks though

also looking for ST coils for b5autosedan or some 18" OEM B7 A4 S-Line Wheels
Are there any rear brakes on that door stop? :poke:

I thought I had seen those before...

"Dude, be chill. We're just gonna get a mold of your mug for a trick set of Konig wheels. Bro, they are going to be absolutely off the hook!"

Nice tires too! GWLS! ;)
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Thanks for making a completely meaningless post...
these are not wheels that will fit on a Passat unless you have custom adapters made; hence, it belongs in the Misc FS forum.
Wobble bolts
Misc FS: "non-automotive items"
Do all wheels with non-passat friendly bolt patterns, center bores, etc belong in misc fs instead? There have been/are many listed in here, so figured this was the correct place??

Wheels-too-unsophisticated-for-passats bump!!
Wheels-too-unsophisticated-for-passats bump!!
Or Audi, or Mercedes.

Wobble bolts would only be a real option if the wheels were otherwise hub-centric 57.1mm for Audis and Passats. 66.1mm I think is hub-centric for Mercedes.

What does 5x114 fit on? 5x100 fits Mk III VWs, Mk IV VWs and also Mk 1 TTs (I think). Try your luck on VWVortex?

wobble bolts could be used if you had bore adaptors (which you haven't advertised, so it's pretty obvious you don't have them). I moved your FS thread here because this is where these belong after more than 6 months of trying to move them in the normal FS forum, and since these obviously are not a normal FS item in the normal FS classifieds. don't like it? :salute:
Jay, I'd like to try to clear some things up: maybe even elaborate on these a bit more in the FS forum descriptions so that others are aware of these guidelines (which will only make it easier on you)....
-- MISC FS says 'non automotive' items; so while i agree that these do not fit a passat without wobble bolts/bore adapters/ and bears oh my, they are definitely automotive related. And because i've seen countless non 5x112 wheels being posted in the Parts FS forum, I thought that would be the best place for the thread. So is MISC FS more for 'non passat' AND non-automotive items?! further more, if i have a non direct fitting item (wheels for argument sake) but have the adapters/wobble bolts/whatever is needed to get said non-directly fitting item to fit on said passat, THEN can that item go in the Parts FS?! (this question is coming from the statement about how "wobble bolts would work if i have the adapters; which i havent advertised and is thus obvious that i dont have them" (i dont) is this implying that if i did posses either of these options that the original location of this FS thread was accurate?

-- i could be reading it incorrectly, but your last post made it seem like you moved my thread due to the age of the thread: "I moved your FS thread here because this is where these belong after more than 6 months of trying to move them..." can i just start a new FS thread back in the Parts FS?! (being a bit of a smart-ass here on no 'disrespect' intended.... )but what im saying is this makes it sound like the thread was in the right spot but because X amount of time has gone by.. off to MISC they go!! ?? ...then you use 'not a normal fs item'; am i correct in assuming that 'not normal' = 'does not directly fit a passat'?

again... i am only trying to bridge the gaps, clear the dust, fill in the holes.... i dont care which FS forum this is in (would obviously prefer parts as it is an automotive-related part (and more traffic)) but if anything that does not directly fit a passat needs to go in the MISC FS forum, then so be it... im fine with obeying rules as long as they are clearly defined and this is honestly my only goal.

im more sophisticated than to argue over meaningless petty things on the interwebs
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no clarafication...

price is now 500
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