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Hello all,

Looking to offload some stuff I've had lying around after I sold my Passat

First is the OEM BBK for any 01.5 - 05 Passat.

It includes:

034 motorsport aluminum control arms with brand new hardware and street density bushings
(2) B6 S4 aluminum spindles (w/ dust shields + sensors)
(2) Freshly rebuilt B6 S4 calipers

All you need is to pick a set of B6 S4 Pads and B6 S4 rotors and you're ready to go.

I followed the local B5 S4 Brake Conversion DIY on passatworld for sourcing all of the parts. Everything is the same, except I opted for the B6 s4 calipers instead, since it's a little more powerful, pads are cheaper (and more pad options). To top this kit off, you can purchase a Tyrol Sport Brake Caliper stiffening kit for further stopping power/pedal feel.

The calipers are freshly rebuilt, the uprights could use some cleaning but are overall in perfect shape.

They will clear pretty much any 17" - definitely any 18" wheel.

All together I would like $650 shipped for the kit. It's almost $400 alone for the 034 arms w/ hardware.


- B6 S4 Calipers - $250 shipped

- B6 S4 Aluminum Uprights - $300 shipped

- 034 motorsport control arms $300 shipped

Next is a very rare wood grain steering wheel that I had imported from Germany. It's overall condition is 8/10 - but otherwise in mint condition. It's a beautiful wheel, and perfectly accents any interior whether you have the wood grain trim or not. There are only a handful of these in the U.S. - $350 shipped

Finally, I have a set of headlights - I recently had them apart for cleaning and were just freshly resealed with new silicone. All in all in great shape and look beautiful on a B5.5. Great OEM+ option and works great with any morimoto/DDM HID kit. No broken tabs - work great. $150 shipped

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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