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frozen bolts

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I"m trying to remove the caliper holder mounting bolts from my BMW and they are seized/frozen tight! Using a 260lb impact wrench couldn't budge them even with an overnight of penetrating oil. any advice?
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Hair dryer. Warm them up good, apply penetrating oil again, allow to cool. Hit them with the impact wrench again. If they don't open up, warm them up again and try it a second time.

A cohort over here has mentioned tapping the bolts with a hammer and punch to vibrate them loose. 50 taps to start with.
Sounds like AA has it right. Its what I would do. Either that, or get a long breaker bar.
Sometimes if you try and TIGHTEN them a little first and then remove them works. Or if you have access a little torch ("bigger hairdryer" :lol: ) helps loosen things up.

Disclaimar: I mention the torch only if working with the caliper bracket bolts NOT the caliper bolts.
Hair dryer? Not hot enough IMHO, I usea butane torch. Works almost every time.
PB Blaster!

Available at any automotive store. And if they don't have it, never go back again. They're not a REAL shop if they don't carry PB Blaster. :p

Impact wrenches help too. :)
A cohort over here has mentioned tapping the bolts with a hammer and punch to vibrate them loose. 50 taps to start with.
I've had some success with this approach. If it doesn't work the first time, get a bigger hammer. Repeated soakings with penetrating oil would be my other recommendation. And pray to your deity that you don't snap the bolt, when it's all said and done.
Another option is to drill & tap... I almost guarantee that that would work... :)
I've used a propane torch...but you'd have to be a little bit carefull with the rubber and brake fluid around there. But a torch and penetrating fluid should work with almost anything unless it's almost uselessly rusted together.
I'll try the propane torch.
propane torch did the trick!! anyone have any suggestions on a smaller torch with a much more precise flame?
Try one of those small butane torches that most people use for torching crembrule. About $20 at any kitchen supply store (like Bed Bath & Beyond)... Those flames are so precise you can heat up a screw head without scortching the paint next to it. :thumbup:
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