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Front Struts Replacement

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Anyone have experience DIY'ing the front struts on a the NMS? Would like to know if it's practical to do before I go in to get them checked (I have scalloping on the rear tires, looked and saw my rear shocks leaked... I know I can do that job DIY).

Any help/advice would be welcome.
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Well it depends, if your mechanically inclined. You should be good. The hardest part is getting the front struts off the spindle housing. But if u have a strut spreader, you will be fine, its like 13 bucks.

There is other methods as well if u do not want to buy a strut spreader.

As far as the rear shocks, its a joke...

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Do I need to compress the springs before removing the top bolts? if so, can I use a simple compression tool that basically looks like two giant screws with hooks to go on the springs? My Honda, the unit came out as one without any hassle. Or do I need to it to a shop?
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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