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Front Rebuilt Caliper Hanging Up Similar To Original One, Is Flex Brake Line Bad?

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A couple months ago I got to work after a 20 minute drive on the freeway and noticed FL wheel was smoking and the rim was all black with brake dust, with 165K on my 04 4Mo wagon I figured it was time to replace/rebuild calipers. Got rebuilt calipers and replaced both sides and everything seemed OK.

Over last month I have noticed FL wheel has significantly more brake dust than other side and car seems to be not coasting well when you slow down.

Last weekend I jacked up the front, put car in neutral and spun front wheels, right side spins freely and left side is dragging.

Pulled caliper off, cleaned and lubricated pins with the green Permatex synthetic brake grease and put back together, initially all is good but after about 20 miles I can feel it is hanging up again.

Strange that (2) calipers both on FL are hanging up? This is where I am looking for guidance if anyone else has experienced something similar.

I am thinking it may be a problem with the flexible brake line that may be partially collapsed?

Putting new lines on a 10 year old car is probably good preventative maintenance anyways?
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I have had this same problem but less severe, my right front caliper would drag and make noise sometimes when going slow. I replaced both front brake lines and haven't had any noise since.
When the front left is dragging, check the rear right, is it dragging ?
Installed new flex lines on both sides for front brakes, much more braking response when pushing the pedal and no more drag.
Went with these from ECS, very nice!

I could not physically see anything wrong with lines bit they must have been restricting flow somehow, hope this helps for others having similar problem.

Will be doing the back in the near future.
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