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98 GLX build date 4/98-Dealer and independent want $500 + - to do front disks. Thinking of doing it myself, have average home garage tools, sockets, torque wrench repair manual. I thought I saw a DIY guide at one time but when I went to the info guide I did'nt see it. Is there a link out there somewhere and/or any advice? Planning on OEM parts just to be sure it fits.

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It's easy. Check back a few days and you'll see it's been discussed recently.

Jack it up and put the front on stands (for safety).

Take the wheel off and prise the spring clip off the caliper with a flat bladed screwdriver.

Remove the pins from the caliper with a 7mm allen wrench and hang the caliper up so the brake line isn't under tension.

Take out and toss the old pads.

Unbolt and remove the caliper carrier.

Use an impact wrench to remove the philips head screw that holds the disc on.

If the disc doesn't come free immediately tap it on the edges and it will break free.

Use a wire brush to clean up the front of the hub.

Degrease the new disc, if you leave the grease on it your first drive after fixing the brakes will very likely be the last.

Put the disc on.

Put the screw in.

Bolt the caliper back in place.

Add the new pads.

Compress the caliper, drop it on and put the pins back in.

Put the wire spring thing back on the caliper.

Pump up the brakes and go do the other side.
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