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I purchased four new rotors from ECS Tuning over the phone, to ensure that I purchased the correct front rotor size. I provided my VIN# and build date: ’99 model year built in 6/98. I did not have the car with me to measure the rotors at the time. ECS Tuning sent the wrong rotors, 11.3” vice 11”. I am going to call them on Monday and discuss my options.

I performed a search on this site but could not determine what it would take to use the 11.3” rotors. I am thinking that all I would need would be different caliper carriers and pads (which I have not yet purchased). If it is just the carriers, I am thinking that I could pick them up at my local wrecking yard.

Has anyone performed this change over? If so, what did you have to change? Would I be gaining any significant braking performance?

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