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Now i found right place to post this:)

It has been six years since i had Passat b5.5, and the time after that, with the exception of a couple of months of Alfa Romeo madness, has consisted of the Audis.

Now i am going to read engineer papers and it would take between 4-5 yeas so i had to downshift my life littlebit because Audi was too expensive.

Jump from the Audi’s driver seat to Passat was little shock:icon_eek: There was no electrical boosted steering and the interior is old looking and very dirty, also rust in every fenders and trunk.

I got the feeling something have to do for this car, i can not drive this like that.

The price what i paid of this Passat was very low, because its condition. It has been over ten years with same owner which was farmer. He did not care look of the car.

Car info:
Volkswagen Passat 1.9TDI 4Motion
Vm. 2004 / 327tkm

Extra equipments taken when bought:
• Bi-xenon headlights
• VW detchable tow
• Cruise control
• Climatronic

Two years ago:
• Webasto Thermo Top C aux heater
• Tinted rear windows

Car is little bad condition outside and look so crap, but engine and other internals are excellent condition. I have little job this summer, some mods are going to autumn.

Repair plan:
• New control arma front
• New KYB shock absorbers
• Eibach 35-45mm lowering springs
• Gates timing belt kit + waterpump
• Gates v belt
• New brake liquida (pads and discs are ok)
• Fenders rust repair
• Rear trunk rust repair
• New rear doors (bad dents)

Other things:
• Skoda Superb dashboard and center console
• Skoda Superb front door cards
• Skoda Superb rear door handles with lights
• Passat W8 beige leather Recaros
• Alcantara black headliner
• Highline moldings
• Aluminium roof rails
• Votex skirts
• 18-19” oem Audi wheels
• 2DIN Android player
• Foglights, relayed working with high beams

Start point:

First job was repair all rust and it included removin all doors, fenders, bumpers, rear trunk etc. :D Front wings were so bad condiotion i had to buy new ones. They came from Poland, taiwan parts but fitment is great. Painted them over with 2K epoxy paint, so it protect the metal better now.

Updated color littlebit.

Rear doors are new, and i take tinted glass of olders so do not care of paint dust :D Have to watersand the whole car with 2000 grit and then 3000/5000 Trizact. After sanding, polishing to perfect. I sprayed to much clear coat, so get nice smooth perfect paint surface.

Before installing paintd parts have to clean all places great and let them dry few days. Then have to spray Dinitrol ML and 4941 corrosion protection film. Also rear axle have to remove, sand blast and paint. And car underbody under axle have to procet form corrosion. Lot of a job. But i am doing this to myself.

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Hello mate. Yes im from Finland. Color is LD7W and so was the old one, there is few different types of this color. I chose the better :)

Washed pillars, skirts, fender interiors (what is right word for this??) and engine bay.

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Good evening fellas. Car had been in very warm garage with air ventilation system now two days. Yesterday i sprayed Dinitrol ML rust preventation and today Dinitrol 4941 corrosion protevtion film. Also tested few different sanding discs to find best combo for sanding clear coat to perfect. First i watersanded the clearcoat orange peel off with sanding block and 2000 grit paper. Then i took pressure sanding machine with 6" backing plate and 3000 Trizact disc. After that i polished it with Menzerna 400 ja Meguiars microfiber with da. Rest of the i do in 2 step. First with purple pad and rotary machine, then just finishing with da. Rotary cut more with purple pad, it make it faster.

But here is pics of the rust jobs and little foretaste of the coming paint.

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