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Fresh air inlet sensor vs evaporator sensor in climatronic

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I have been getting 313 error code for my 02 Passat which is fresh air inlet sensor for my climatronic. I ordered sensor whose part # starts with 4A0...i took my glove box out and reached up and found a sensor which looked slightly different. Its part # starts with 1J0...

since i did not have correct part, i left the 1J0 sensor connected electrically but not installed in ductwork. Now i get codes 313 and 332. They are fresh air inlet and evaporator sensors. Am i looking in wrong place for fresh air sensor? I only found the one when i reached up behind ductwork. Thanks. Dave
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Just in case anyone has a similar issue, I figured out the problem. There are 2 sensors inside the car for climate unit. The one that I had that was defective was the G89 or fresh air inlet temp sensor. Part # is 4A0820539A. It is located way up high behind glove box. It throws code 313 when defective. It can be seen under pollen filter.
The one I had first removed was the evaporative sensor. It is part # 1J0907543A. It is located near bottom of ac blower unit. I did not realize this was different from air inlet temp sensor. The way I found out was when I disconnected it, I got a new code 332.
Hope this helps.
Here's an explosion diagram of b5 Passat evaporator housing:

... and here is the evaporator temperature sensor if I guess correctly (this picture also shows the incoming air temperature sensor with number 23, also known as G89 in some cars, AFAIK):

The question is, is this supposed to be accessed from the driver footwell with left hand drive cars or by some other means?
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I don't know about left hand drive cars, but it should be able to be accessed from under the cabin filter with a little prying. I've reached the electrical connector from behind the dash on a LHD, but it was not easy.
I now think that part #35 in the latter picture is actually called footwell vent temperature sensor G192.
The evaporator temperature sensor, G263, is actually closer the sensor #23 in this image. However, this image is missing that sensor. As far as I know, its location is near the part #42 on the back wall of the housing.
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