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Forum sales seem quite quiet, we really want to make some progress...
We have decided to start a freeshipping promotion on April, buyers from this forum can be offered a reverse camera as gift as well :)
It's not a worldwide free shipping, but I believe most of forum members are qualified.

Countries/area are qualified for our free shipping service:

Australia Czech Republic Hungary Lithuania Norway Sweden
Austria Denmark Indonesia Luxembourg Philippines Switzerland
Belgium Estonia Ireland Macao Poland Taiwan
Bulgaria Finland Italy Malaysia Portugal Thailand
Cambodia France Japan Malta Singapore United Kingdom
Canada Germany Korea, Republic of Mexico Slovakia United States
China Greece Laos Netherlands Slovenia Viet Nam
Cyprus Hong Kong Latvia New Zealand Spain

Here are two special products for our community guys:
volkswagen b5 double din dvd player w/ gps navigation system
volkswagen autoradio gps dvd navigation system oem looking

Forgot to say.. The latest maps will be preloaded as gift. ;)
Let me know if any question. Leave a message here or PM me if you want me to follow up your order.
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