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I have a few boxes of leftover Passat parts from when I rebuilt my 1999 B5 Passat V6 Tiptronic, in 2001. I sold the car in 2015 and no longer need the spare parts. I haven't had any luck selling them, so if you currently have a Passat and want them, please come and take them off my hands so I can reclaim my garage space. Must take all of them! See rough list below. There are more. Most are in usable condition. You must come and pick up, Northwest side of Tucson. PM me or post if you are interested.

Throttle body
Air duct
Secondary air valve
Engine wire harness
Fuel injectors
Fuel rail
Horn bracket
Hood latch release
Radiator rubber grommet
Radiator and condenser mounts
PCV hose
Intake manifold
Spark plug wires
Vacuum actuators and bracket
Vacuum lines
Vacuum actuator
Transmission mount brackets
Power steering line
Timing belt covers
Oil dipstick and tube
Oil fill cap
Torque converter
Timing belt tensioner
Misc bolts
Head bolts
Exhaust manifolds
Coolant duct
One of the cylinder heads
Serpentine belt idler pulley
Knock sensor
Coolant line
Power steering line
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