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Hi. I drive a 2002 VW Passat 1.8 L Turbo, 4 Cylinder. In December I took it to a cheap mechanic shop to have the oil changed, because I couldn't afford the $115 it costs at the independent VW mechanic. The shop told me they used full synthetic like they were supposed to. A month later, the car started giving off a strong burning oil smell if I drove more than 20 miles at a time. Last week, as I was almost home from work, the engine light started flashing, the car started sputtering, and losing power. When I got home, I ran the codes, and all it gave was a cylinder 3 misfire.

I checked the spark plugs and all four wells had quite a bit of oil in them.

I got on the forums and learned a valve cover gasket and tube seal replacement might do the trick. Though I knew they'd only been replaced 20K ago. I also learned it might be the PCV system, though neither the oil cap nor dip stick gave resistance when I pulled on them with the engine running. However, there is a lot of oil sludge below the engine.

I decided to take off the valve cover just to see if the gasket needed to be replaced. It looks basically brand new. But then I found a generic loose rubber O-ring somewhat hiding under a plastic oil fill deflector. The o-ring looks new, no cracks or anything. About 1-inch in diameter.

I wonder if this came from somewhere in the compartment? Or could the shop that changed my oil accidentally have dropped it in through the oil fill cap? I'm so confused. I'm wondering if this caused problems that led to the oil leak that's caused all the sludge under the engine? And/or led to oil in the wells and then a cylinder misfire? Or could it just be coincidence?

Can anyone give any advice? Thank you so much!

- Posha

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p.s. Please see attached photo. Thanks.
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