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I know this has been discontinued for almost ten years. I have not had any luck finding this new or used in any color, let alone in my color, Black Magic.
The only other options that exist are weird Chinese trim things that look a bit weird. The genuine Votex one has an integrated brake light and needs to be bolt mounted.

Recently, I found this rare gem on eBay in Colorado Red. It was never mounted, still have instructions and mounting screws.
This link here has all the listed part numbers for each color.

So I have a few questions..

1) Is it worth the $99 I paid for it?

2) Should I plasti-dip it black?

3) Should I try and sand and paint it myself? Black magic 2k rattle or a cheaper non pearly black?

4) Take it to a shop? Black magic (pricy) or a cheaper non pearly black?

Looking for a black one if anyone has it?

I used to live in S.Florida, so painting anything was always a nightmare due to humidity.
I am in Colorado now so its the total opposite. Would ~10-20% RH be good for a DIY?
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