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Wanted to introduce myself, my name is Alex. I just picked up a 2004 1.8t fwd auto wagon.

I had a 2000 S4 stage 3 6 speed from 2010-2014. I loved it but at 193k miles it was time for something else... and the turbos were going out.

Anyways, I'm in school full time for the last 3 years and have been daily driving my moms old 2004 Altima I got for free, 229k miles and running strong. I also have a 2005 Evo that is my fun weekend car with about 350awhp.

Although the Altima works just fine and cost little I had recently got the urge to get a daily driver that I would enjoy more and do more with. I had been looking for a Volvo v70 T5 until I realized how cheap b5's have got.

I picked up a 2004 silver 1.8t auto wagon with 124k for $1,900. Previous owner was a small shop mechanic who's wife had been driving it. At 100k he did the timing belt, waterpump, battery, radiator, motor mounts and both axels.

Exterior is great 9/10 after I do some light polishing.

Interior has the typical b5 headliner sag that I need to reduce. Though it should be a little easier in the wagon than when I did it in my s4 sedan.
The front seats are pretty rough/nasty and I'm looking at local junk yards to change out the seat covers. Hopefully it's not too much of a headache.
Rear seats are good just need some cleaning. Tires are pretty low and will need to be change in about 5k miles. Brake pads and rotors are pretty decent.

Things done so far:
Replaced front ABS sensor
Replaced broken homelink visor
Sanded and polished gazed headlights
Removed the ugly aftermarket sunroof wind deflector

Future plans:
Replace front seat skins
Get the smoke smell out (previous owner smoked)
Rewrap headliner
Stage 1 tune
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