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Hello everyone!
So I’m a owner of a:

Year: 2016
Brand: Volkswagen
Model: Passat
Trim: R-Line
Engine: 1.8L Turbocharged

I’ve been wanting to upgrade the grill on my bumper and install fog lights but I’ve been looking for the trims and it looks like I can’t find any that fits on the bumper of this model.

Did Volkswagen ever made fog light trims for this model?

The reason I ask is because the ones that I’ve been seeing on eBay, Amazon and some other web sites, they look like they are not going to fit on my bumper even though it says it will.

I really don’t want to take the risk of buying these fog light trims and then not been able to install them.

If someone can help me clarify this I will really appreciate it.

I attached a picture of my car so you guys can see the bumper and help me out.



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