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Fluid levels

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Well doing my regular check of the fluids (oil, brake fluid, coolant, ect.) i noticed (and its been like this for a while no leaks or anything) that my brake and coolant levels are not on the MIN lines but closer to the MIN than to the MAX should i keep those levels in the middle or up on MAX??? I have to buy the coolant from VW right??? brake fluid is DOT4 i believe.....
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IMO, I'd keep both near the MAX mark so there is always plenty of fluid available for the systems. Correct, the brake fluid is DOT4 which is able to withstand a slightly higher temp. It is common to have to top the reservoir off as the pads wear and the calipers extend.

As for the coolant, it's a special type that every VW dealership should have. I'd top it off next time you pass a dealership. If you ask nice, they might give you a cup full for nothing. Having to add a little over a long period of time isn't uncommon. However, if you have to add a significant amount or many small amounts over a short period of time, you need to dilute with distilled/demineralized water to maintain the proper ratio of antifreeze solution to water. In that case, you'd want to keep a close eye out for leaks. System is pretty tight when operating properly. Other option is to simply add a small amount of distilled water to bring the level up to the MAX mark.
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I read in my owners manual about topping up brake fluid and it says something about cleaning a filter before topping up. What is this and also there is a tiny little yellow cap on the fluid resovoir too what is it for??? i'm assuming i can just open up the big cap and clean this so called filter and top it up???
Yep, just wipe the area clean around the cap, remove the cap, and pull out the filter to clean (if needed). Be sure to replace the filter as a safety measure, before you add any fluid. It's there to make sure large contaminants don't find they're way into the system.

Not sure about the smaller, screw-out cap. I left it alone when I changed the fluid. If I get a chance, I'll look it up tonight...
Regarding fluid levels, are you guys checking them when the engine is cold or hot? I found that my coolant level is at the MIN mark when cold, and after the engine is at operating temps, the coolant level is halfway inbetween MIN and MAX marks. I believe this is not normal since I'm having a re-occuring coolant leak at my turbo. So should the coolant level be at the MAX mark when cold or hot?

Also, does the brake fluid react the same way in that the brake fluid level will rise as the brakes are used more frequently than if I were to check the brake fluid level first thing in the morning?
I checked my fluids when my engine was cold and right after a long drive and they seemed to be at about the same level. I plan on having a brake fluid flush since i don't think my car has had one in while (bought it used) and buy some coolant when i am at the VW dealership.
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