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FK Hitec 35/40mm sport kit installed

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I've been lurking around the forums for a while and would like to thank all those you post the "how-to" topics. They are invaluable.

Anyway, I've had an FK kit on order since the begining of April. I recieved it about two weeks ago and finally got it installed this weekend. I'm a little concerned over which kit I actually received. I orderd the 35/40 kit, but the boxed was hand labeled as a 45/55 kit and then crossed out and labeled as the 35/40. The drop was around 2" - 2.25' all around. It's pretty low. I rides nice and comfortable, just dropped a bit more than I expected.

I've done several suspension isntallations on different cars... this one was the most challenging. I was unable to remove the upper contol arms as the bolt connecting to the steering knuckle was frozen. So I unbolted the control arm assemble and pulled it down enough to get to the strut bolts. Then rebolt the control arm assemble to the body to allow for clearance of the lower shock mount.

Then the issue of clearing the lower shock mount over the lower control arm. PITA!! I had to compress the spring and jack down the suspension to get it to clear. Rear went ok, minus a bolt breaking on one of the upper shock mounts.

Anyway here is the first snap shot... obviously a before and after.

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Sweet :bow: Now I'm waiting for my kit that I purchased through the FK group buy. I can't wait to get it because stock shocks with low-tec springs and the Autobahn is finally getting to them. Hope to have mine installed sometime next month if they ever arrive.
Wow, that looks awesome. Maybe that super low drop wasn't a half bad mistake... :thumbup:
It's the 45/55 kit
Thanks for the compliments, but it's really not what I wanted/expected.

Does anyone have a pick of a true 35/40mm FK kit installed?

The ride is great, but I really didn't want the super low look. It's my wifes car! She says she's ok with it, but doesn't really care for how low it is. Plus, the Chicago winters may not agree either.

I'm a little frustrated with FK. It took 3 MONTHS to get the kit... and it appears to be the wrong one! Who did you all get your kits ordered from with the GB?
Your wife is awesome if she doesn't mind it. :D

Are they adjustable? Maybe for the winter you could raise it an inch or two. That's what I'm doing when someone sells me some KW V2's. :wink:
Looks great, what a difference, how is the ride difference now? Looking good :thumbup:
I just creamed my pants. I thought the only way to get a drop that low was to opt for coilovers. You just save me a bunch of money ,I'm sure. Don't change a thing man, I feel you on the winters 'cause I'm in Detroit (pothole city!) , but seeing a car that low up here is very rare and you'd be one-of-a-kind.

How much did the spring cost , I wanna order mine ASAP. :thumbup:
The kit cost me $415 shipped. The ride is amazingly good for sitting so low. It's firm... as expected, but not harsh in any way. It rides better than my Volvo 850R with a stock setup, probably because its got 80k.

It's got an ever so slight rake, but we'll have to see how it settle out.

Here are a few more close-ups of the fender gaps as the shadows on the first pick hid them.

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I just saw the springs on this website for $165 (w/o shipping). If you do in fact have the 55/40 kit , they said this kit needs shortened struts. But they do have the spring/shock kit for $465. SUSP.htm
The Hitec Sport Kit is a set of springs AND shocks. They are definately shorter than OEM
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