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I had to muck around with the TDI Passat this weekend due to a dead battery. In the process, I hooked up the VAG-COM and attacked things. One of the things I wanted to try was the FIS - TheAmazingDave had noted that I have a full FIS cluster in the car, and since I also have a factory navi, I figured it was worth a shot to go poking around in there.

All I did was reset the radio softcoding to 00407 from 00400 - the last byte changes the setting from 0 - "don't chat with cluster" to 7 - "chat with cluster".

FULL FIS now. Everything - radio stations, navi, you name it. Totally hilarious that this was disabled as all of the parts were there and there was no issue with the coding. Somehow in the process, the traffic updates on the navi turned themselves on, too.

I hate this car so much less now. I also fixed the locks, they were weird. Now they work normally. lol

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i find it funny that VW would keep you from using all these features simply by changing the coding. its cool for you to upgrade though! :thumbup:
Hah, taking cues from the computer industry. I remember one famous brand laser printer they used to sell; it was available in 4 and 8 page-per-minute versions. After purchase, the customer could upgrade the printer for several hundred dollars. What did we do for the upgrade fee? Move one jumper on the circuit board.
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