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First V Dub

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Howdy !

New Passat owner

2007 Wagon 3.6 4 motion with 48K Miles.

I really like the car and have plenty of questions. I bought this car to save money on gas. It is working quite well, not driving my 3/4 ton truck.

I like to do my own maintenace, This is my first VW.
I've been a Porsche junky for a long time, very simular systems.
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If you're looking for information, you've come to the right place. The B6 Forum has a lot of information and DIY help for maintenance and mods, just gotta know how to look! The search function and the Google search bar at the top and bottom of every page are going to be your best friend.

Post up a picture of your new ride! Welcome to the club :thumbup:
Need to figure out how to Post pictures.
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