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Hi everyone, I am new to the site but not new to passats, I have owned passats exclusively since 2000... ALL OF THEM FWD!!! last year I almost accidentally (was not advertised as 4wd) bought a 4motion wagon... I have been extremely satisfied with the handling of FWD for as long as I have owned passats ... Oh I live in northern Minnesota btw LOTS of snow and ice... This been the first season driving a 4motion was very exciting until the first snow dust of the season... This car is absolutely horrible... I drive ford e150 full size vans with RWD and even those monstrosities handle better than Passat AWD... The car fishtails all over the road. Horrible, insane dangerous... I want to emphasize that point... Is that a normal behavior of that type of 4motion. I just got back from Wallie world with 6 40lb bags of salt to put in the trunk in hopes of improvement in handling... Even my rusty rwd snow plow has NEVER have to had weight added to it for traction...
Your thoughts your experience or any input is highly appreciated...

PS tires in front are brand new and rear are "good" condition... Had them other way around same result
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