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Finders Keepers???

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One 108 CARAT Diamond. Last seen affixed to the nose cone of the Jaguar driven by Christian Klien. (driver voted most likely to crash on the first lap).

Crash occured in the tunnel at Monaco, on the ..ahem...first lap of the race.

Diamond is valued at $322,000. Reward: one Jaguar.

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Personaly if i found a diamond worth over 300gs id want more of a reward then a $45,000 Jag. maybe its just me :crazy:
I mean if they gave me like a car worth half the price of the diamond that would be worth it because its not like you can sell that diamond and get anywhere near $322,000.
Stupidity in action. :roll:
Oh, yeah. Klien crashed out on the first lap of the Canadian GP, too.... :roll:

He wasn't diamond-studded this time.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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