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Last weekend after long time I had the chance to work on something I had on mind long time.
To install an intercooler vent and to paint my calipers

I bought from Home Depot a regular vent for heating (8X6inches) but there is other sizes that fit too. The price was about $5.
I also bought THX brake caliper paint blue from Auto zone for $8

I jack the car (winter rims shown....)

Rotors are black from the OEM pads.....(I had mintex and I did change them)

I sandblast the rotors to clean all the dust and dirt....
mask the plastics,and hoses.....

and paint them 2 coats ....
after I took the vent and trimed it to make it straight with no edges or curves.....

I took out the liner from inside the has like 8-9 hex screws...holding it...
and i cut an opening 7X5 inches right behind the intercooler. I made holes with a drill for the rivets...I put the vent and i secured it with rivets....(the vent needs litlle bent in order to mold with the liner.

Then I paint the liner with primer and then with black paint and voila!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And then ... the Summer rims!!!!!!!!!

I know its not an RS4 OEM....but doing it from scratch is PRICELESS!!!! :thumbup:
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