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Femi Agoke's Car where can I get info?

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I know that Femi has parted out his car I have seem the ads in the classifieds and I have seen the GTG pictures. There was even mention of the car being feature in a magazine.

I was wondering if anyone has any close up picture of the car. I am also hoping that it may have been featured on some website.

I did a search on the site and the internet and all I find is mention of it nothing else. I do remember that he had a profile but dreaded red x ate all the picture a long time ago.

Can anyone help
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Femi's car is on this link Drive/index_3.htm

might notbe exactly what you need but thought i would try to help

Rich :)
Thanks Richie but, like I said about I have seen the pics from the GTG already.

I was sort of looking for something that showed the mods and described what they were.
ahhhhhhh I see, well PM him, I have Pm'd him and he responds, so I think that might be the best way!

Sorry I couldnt be more of a help to you!

Rich :)
The article in eurotuner was from the July 2003 (VOL.6 NO.7) issue. There used to be pics posted from the article. Perhaps someone could scan them in again for you. Or you could try to get a backissue of eurotuner.

Good Luck
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