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Feeler : B5/.5 Upper Stress Bar/Brace

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Closed until further notice.
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Like that one :thumbup:. Could even powdercoat it black.
Bolted. The feeler is to see how many people would be interested if any. If there is enough interest then I would start putting them together. For just a small handfull its not worth it.
Can I ask what grade Aluminum you will be using? There really isn't such a thing as "Aircraft aluminum". It's more commonly used in marketing schemes to make you think your getting good stuff. Aircraft use all different types of aluminum, but for structure mostly 7075 grade is used.
I would probably go with 6061-T6, It has been used prior and works great. I wasn't specific in materials yet as this is just a feeler.
1 - 5 of 18 Posts
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