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I'm not selling these yet (hence the reason I didn't post in the Classifieds), but I wanted to see if anyone would even be interested in my wheels, if I decide to pursue something else.

Borbet Type WR
Nine-spoke, 16" wheel
Silver finish
ET 40
currently wearing Fulda Assuro 205/55-16 w/50% (or more) tread life

One of the wheels got rashed on the spokes, but it would be an excellent candidate for this type of project. I don't have pics of the wheels by themselves, but they can be seen below ...

^^^shut up's before I did the suspension


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I have been looking for a good deal on some alloys for my B5, I am currently running if the price is right I may be interested.

Get a picture of the rash up and give me a ballpark on what you want for them so I can determine if I need to keep looking.

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