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I'm sure this has been asked before, but I can't figure out the solution using the search button.

I own a '06 2.0 FSI Passat which has caused me 0 problem since I got it (got it with 20K km, now it's 40K).

A month ago I tried to release the e-brake using the button however nothing happened. When I pressed it for 5 seconds,
it started blinking. The dashboard also showed the faulty e-brake code (a red P sign with a cross on it).

After searching online I thought the button was the issue - so I switched it to a new one, however, that didn't solve the issue.

So what happens? I turn on the engine, and the button is yellow (the switch is turned on). I press it, however nothing happens.
How do I fix it you may ask? I turn off the car, lock the car (while inside it), unlock it, and insert the key backwards and then the
switch works until the car restarts.

Is there another solution for this error?

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Electronic Parkingj Brake is a known faulty item on the B6.
You have to find out if you can hear either EPB motor operating at the back.
I assume you cannot drive as the EPB stays on?
Usually the EPB motor goes faulty in only one rear brake at a time.
So you should be able to hear the other operate

Forced Reset of EPB Control Module
• Switch ignition OFF.
• Disconnect battery.
• Wait at least 10 seconds and reconnect battery.
• Switch ignition ON.
• While pressing brake pedal, operate electronic parking brake button twice.
• Read fault memory. Faults should be sporadic and therefore possible to delete.
• Delete fault memory

I've not tried this, but without VCDS and a Autoscan it's guesswork to what's wrong.

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I had opposite issue, couldn't reset eBrake after changing rear rotor - I had made the mistake of putting on the ebrake with no pads installed.
I tried all the dodges I could find online - I have OBD eleven but still couldn't clear error.
OBD eleven lets you put ebrake motors into a service position to work on brakes, but it wont reset them if you get error message.
The car was driveable, just no ebrake and flashing warning light.
In the end reset by using the Autohold button by gearstick!
Nothing happened right away but it cycled the ebrake on next time I turned off the engine.
Works fine now, 3 months and counting...
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