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The other day, I said goodbye to one of my longest-lasting possessions. Yes, I sold my 2004 Passat.

My adventures with this car started on April 11, 2006 after a left-turner trashed my 2006 GSXr1000 (and my right knee, and my neck a little bit). I figured it was time to get a car. I remember I sat inside, and thought, “Hey, this car fits me….. All wheel drive…. Stick shift… 4 cylinder Turbo - I’m in.” “You want to test-drive it?” “Nope!”

Over the intervening 15-ish years, it’s driven to Regina twice, Edmonton a number of times in the dead of winter, Vegas in the middle of summer, Inuvik in the summer of 2013, Fort McMurray to lay on a frozen lake and try and see the Northern Lights with a cute brunette, and most notably and recently, Tuktoyaktuk for the 2020 Winter Alcan. I got to talk to Tom and Ray Magliozzi (from Cartalk) about it, though my call ultimately wasn’t aired on the show. It’s done a lap of the Mission raceway in 1:34.5. It was the fastest time at the Dawson City Alcan 2020 ice-race at 1:47.0. At its peak nerdishness, it had 3 antennae on the back, a PA speaker on the front, and enough electronics in the cabin to give a small aircraft a run for its money. My best friend’s son learned to drive stick-shift on it. He was one when I bought it. ONE. It carried a cute brunette and I up to Inuvik, when she thought “Hey, I spent 2 weeks in a car and didn’t want to kill this guy. Maybe he’s the one for me.” We now have a 3 year old – and a carseat is something I never would have foretold for this car’s future.

I’ve always said that cars are a reflection of a person. I now think that’s wrong. I think cars are a lens that focus the energy you put into it. Some people just have a car to get from A to B, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But, I like to think of myself as an athletic, adventurous person with a bit of class (when I try) and a huge nerdish bent, and the Passat was definitely the automotive embodiment of that. Most importantly, it was the foundation of a lot of my adventures.

I decided to sell it because it needed some sort-of expensive repairs (Cat and AC pump), and would have cost more to repair than the car would have been worth. But, I found the perfect person to buy it. When he came to look at the car, he drove up in a Jetta and I asked him why he wanted a different car. “My car’s boring; your car’s interesting.”

I like this guy.

We were going on the test-drive, and I said to him, “Okay, I gotta warn you, I haven’t exactly been gentle to this car.” He looked at me like I was from Mars… “It’s a car….. you beat the shit out of it and fix what breaks.”

He’s the perfect guy to buy this car. Oh, and his name is Christian and he also owns a 2005 Suzuki GSXr750.

He drove my Passat away last Thursday, and said he’d take it on some more adventures and give me an update every now and then. My last words to him were “Promise me…. you’ll beat the shit out of it and fix what breaks.”

He promised and drove away.

Thank you Passatworld! You've saved me many headaches with your tutorials and community.

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