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With my oldest now driving, I need to downsize my fleet. Unfortunately, that means my 99 Passat has to go. It'a a 1.8T w/ about 200k on the body, and about 160k on the motor (Bought the motor used with 150K on it). Did the timing belt, water pump, drive belts, etc etc when I did the belt. Also replaced a few misc emissions plastics.

First off - This is not a Part Out. Don't ask....

The good:

* Timing belt done within the past 10k miles. (see above)
* A/C blows cold
* Trans shifts and runs good
* Motor runs good. Smokes a little because of the turbo
* Clear Florida title

The bad:

* Because of an unknown leak, the driver's side of the car flooded. (See 1 below)
* Interior has mold
* CCM harness needs replaced (have harness end and spare CCM)
* Driver's rear door doesn't open
* Trunk doens't latch (Have replacement trunk lid w/ latch)
* no radio

1 - I don't know what happened, but I ended up with the driver's side floorboard getting flooded. I vacuumed out the water and tried to find the leak to no avail. Ended up parking the car in my storage unit (enclosed) to keep the water out. I still have not found the leak. I let the car dry out in storage with fans keeping the air circulated and the battery disconnected. The CCM needs to be replaced (which I have a spare) and the CCM harness needs to be replaced (I have a spare as well). The spare CCM is plugged in the car right now, and the car does run and drive and everything works.

I hate to see this car go to the junkyard when it can be cleaned up and driven again, or at least someone get use out of the car. I AM NOT PARTING IT OUT!!! You have to buy the whole car.

I am asking $800 for the car, or willing to trade for stuff for my son's 03 GLX Wagon. I am located in East Central Florida. The car will come with the extra hood and trunk lid.

Pics available upon request.
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