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This is all stuff coming off my car because I'm upgrading to a GT2871r setup.
Shipping is not included. Shipping will be whatever shipping costs.

SOLD: genuine Borg Warner K04-15 from 034 Motorsports.

SOLD: Cast, high flow exhaust manifold for longitudinal 1.8t engine with K03, K04 or Hybrid.

SOLD: GIAC PC-16 tune loaded onto 557-P ECM.

SOLD: Samco Turbo Intake Pipe (blue silicone)

SOLD: Turbo Oil Supply and Return Lines

SOLD: 034 Motorsport Plug-and-Play ICM Delete Kit.

SOLD: 3" Stainless Steel Test Pipe (CAT Delete Pipe)

SOLD: Techtonics Tuning Stainless Steel 2.5" Downpipe for manual transmission cars.

AEB Engine with something like 180k miles on it. Inside the last 30k it's received a new oil pump & pickup, cam chain tensioner, timing belt kit. It starts and runs great and idles smooth. Fully hot idle oil pressure is 15 psi with 0w40 oil. Slightly higher when I run thicker oil. As soon as the rpm's come up, so does the oil pressure. The oil pressure warning light never comes on. There is a lot of use left in this engine. I'm not using it because with this build I'll be more than doubling power and I found a brand new engine to use. This is a bare long-block (block and head from oil pan to valve cover). No intake manifold, no exhaust manifold, no turbo, no starter, no alternator. The AEB head alone is worth about $350. This is coming out of a manual transmission Passat. It's being taken out of the car by professional mechanics in a garage. Not some guy with a fork lift and a torch working in the mud like at a wreckers yard. It is going directly on an engine stand to be kept in a garage or in a shed. It's not going to sit out in the rain snow and mud like at a wreckers yard. I'd like to see $600 for this.

The Cold Side. Big Port AEB head

Timing belt system recently done

The Hot Side

Recent cam chain tensioner

Oil pump and pickup recently replaced

If you're local, you can borrow the engine stand as long as I get it back.

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Hi Steve - Saw your turbo at Jason's. My K03 is about done (along with the downpipe again, and the exhaust is getting close). TT dp and exhaust arrives this weekend, and I am looking at a new BW K03, or this. PM me.
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