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Exterior Mirror broken!!!

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It was me, not my wife...:banghead:

Does anyone know if the entire unit has to be changed if only the glass is broken? Also, the these come painted/ color matched?
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You can buy a replacement mirror that adheres to the existing cracked mirror. Yep, it took seconds and has lasted just fine!
I came out of Walmart to discover my passenger side mirror on my MkVI Jetta smashed. I purchased a new one for $70 at ECS Tuning which is expensive but less than the dealer. It has a plastic mount stuck to the back and basically snaps of and back in. Run it all the way in so you can get your fingers in the outside edge and just pop it off. Unplug the heater wires, plug the new one in, line it up ans shove and it will click into place.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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