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Expected life of the Turbo

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My 1.8T Turbo is starting to takes oil ( at least there is a bit of oil just before the intercooler :mad: , no oil seem to reach the engine yet.). I got just above 106K and I am not beating the car.

Does the turbo suppose to last the life of the Engine about 200K at leat I guest
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I'm at a hundred plus dont worry check your seals and change your oil you should be ok! :thumbup:
What is the seal you are taking about. The oil is also sligthly going out of the air conduit going to the inter cooler ( turbo outlet) just after the Turbo. I should probably tighten It.

The engine is loosing about a liter of oil each 8k, I guest at the turbo outlet.

Is it normal to have a leak at that location, and what is a normal or expected oil consumption. Could I expect any damage to the catalitic converter.
Oil around the intercooler is normal. It's not a leak, it's from the crankcase vent. Losing a liter of oil every 8000km isn't bad at all. It's perfectly plausible that the turbo could last the life of the engine.
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