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Exhaust Question...

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Anybody have a few ideas on a good "low tone" exhaust kit. I've read that neuspeed pipes are very laud and I don't know that much about Jetex or Borla. Any suggestions for something that won't make my car sound like a pea shooter.
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What engine are you running first off?? If you have the 1.8 you have many more choices for the car then you do with the V6. Borlas are great and nice-toned exhaust systems. Also, depending also on what you want done? Do you just want the muffler, the catback or do you want to go from the heads down? I had my exhuast customized removing my "Suitcase" resonator, that will make many systems loud.
i have oettingers exhuast on my V6 Passat! And i love it, i have removed the resisnator(suitcase) and now the muffler gives it a great Euro sound, low deep and throaty

Rich :wink:
I have a 1.8t. I would like to go from the heads down. Abd has a new header for the 1.8 I was thinking about replacing the whole thing.
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