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It's been a while since I posted the last "EPP". Not because there weren't any worthy photos posted on the thread but I stayed out of the thread a while, because there were so many unworthy pictures among all the posts. And since some people said "exceptional" could even mean "exceptional in their eyes" or that this should also apply to "standard pics of exceptional good looking Passats", I kept my mouth shut.

Luckily, the quality went up again. So now I have 21 Exceptional Passat Photos that I saw on the thread and I'd like to tell you, why I think these are exceptional, just like I did before. Perhaps I will more often go into detail or post some tips.

My selection will not always reproduce the order in which the Photos were originally posted. Some people will be mentioned two or three times, each time with a different photo, but I try to mix this a bit to get some variety.

I should also mention that I'm planning to resize the photos to a width of 800 pixel to keep a uniform look to the Blog. I try to give you the links to the original posts / photos. (Maybe I'll edit some of the older blog entries.)

Let me know about your thoughts, feel free to comment the blog entries.

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