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Hi all,

Thanks for the advice, instructions, and recommendations over the years.

I highly recommend L & M in Brooklyn, NY. Bill Roth is exhaustive in his questioning and analysis, and more than fair in his pricing. In all, I had the timing belt replaced (and all that goes along with that), the driver's door lock replaced, the heated seat switches swapped (passenger stopped working, don't need mine), rear window regulator replaced, and taillight lens replaced. Bill discouraged me from replacing the taillight lens (the exterior layer was missing a large chunk), so in the end he agreed to buy the lens and install it for free, because he thought it cost too much. He also encouraged switching the heated seat switches for now, and replacing the faulty switch in the future.

The story is much longer than this, and I'll share it if any of you would like, but I just want to go on record as saying Bill and family know VWs (and other makes) very well. I initially went in with an electrical system issue, and the first thing Bill did was feel for dampness under the driver's side mat. He even drove around the block, with me as passenger, to get a feel for what was going on with the car.

In the end, the final invoice was less than the quote.

EDIT/ADDITION: They also totally cleaned the engine area and brought it to a car wash before I picked it up. It looks awesome under the hood!
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