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Everything you need to know about buying a 2nd Switchblade Remote

I needed another remote for my '99 B5 Passat so that my fiance could easily access the car when juggling our baby and all of its gear once it finally arrives. Not to mention she was jealous of my switchblade (Hey it's my car dang it so I get to use it :thumbup::) Gotta love modding the car in preparation for something like this...what a great excuse. While doing the research for this I found that the necessary information was generally scattered throughout the forum and that there were a LOT of small threads here and there pointing to past threads as a means of explaining the process of acquiring a second remote. I figured that I would try to create a writeup that collected all of this information into one easily accessible space. Hope this helps all of you new guys out there!

I accept no responsibility if you improperly protect yourself during this, nor do I offer any guarantee towards all accuracy and avilability of parts. Check with your local VW dealer or myself if you have any questions.

What to buy and where to find it

Here's all you need. I am nearly done with aquiring a second switchblade key for my 99 Passat (All that is left is cutting the key blank). Most keys that you can buy on eBay already have a cut key in them from the prior owner/car. You have to either FIND a remote with a blank key in it and most likely pay more OR you can buy both parts separately. Here is the link for the key blank. All I did was give them a call and ordered one using my credit card. It came 2 days later by airmail. I believe the total was $12 or so.
I bought my remote on eBay from this seller. He seems to have a lot of our 1st Gen switchblades as well as remote for many other makes and models. He may not have any right now but I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't in the future. They are reasonably priced. Here is the link to his eBay store. Most remotes should run you around $30 or so, so generally beware if you find one over $50. It's not worth your time. There are usually a lot on the market and you surely can find one for cheaper than $50.
Regardless of who you buy from, since you have a B5 these are the numbers you should be looking for in the eBay listing.
This model number will work with a 01-04 B5.5
HLO 1J0 959 753 AM

These model numbers will work with a 98-00 B5

HLO 1J0 959 753 F
1J0 959 753 T
As long as you buy a remote than has these numbers it will work after reprogramming it. B5.5 and early B5 remotes use different numbers so they will not work with your B5. The other remotes are the Banjo style and the 2nd Gen switchblade. The Banjo style is easily identified from the rest as it looks like a key itself. The 2nd Gen switchblade is similar but different in that it has a chrome "handle" at the base of it. Also, it's buttons are in a rectangle pattern vs. the 1st Gen's oval pattern. However, the MAIN KEY DIFFERENCE between the 1st and 2nd Generation switchblade remotes is that VW went to the Immobilizer system in the 2nd generation. Thus, a 2nd gen remote can not work or be retrofitted with a 1st generation car or vice versa.

2nd Generation Switchblade Key

1st Generation Switchblade Key(B5's)

Older B5 Banjo Style Remote (early B5's)

It's a remote ONLY
(it uses a separate key)

Fitting the new key blank
These instructions work for either B5 or B5.5

Tools Required:
- 1 Hammer
- 1 Small Finishing Nail
- Needlenose Pliers

Once your new key blank and remote arrive in the mail it's time to get to work. Grab the nail, hammer and remote. Press the button and release the key. Now place the nail (make sure it's the same diameter as the pin/hole) on top of the pin/hole and gently tap it with a hammer. When I did mine the pin was in there a little tight so don't be afraid to use some force. Just make SURE that the nail is the same size or slightly smaller than the pin so as it doesn't get stuck in the hole. That'd just be a headache for you.

The pin is all that holds the key in place. (It can also cause the key to stick when releasing it during normal usage as was a problem for me. To remedy that just "nail" it in more to make it flush.) Now just place the new key blank in the slot and replace the pin with the pliers and "nail" it back into place.

Now all that is left is to take the key/remote to a dealership or locksmith to have the key blank cut and reprogram the remote. You can reprogram it before or after you get it cut, it does not matter.

These instructions work for B5's and B5.5's 2001 and older ONLY.

This step is easy. Go out to your car with your master key, valet key and the key/remote to be programmed. Unlock your car with your valet key and leave it in the door lock. Now get in the car and with your master key turn the ignition to the ON position. DON'T start the car. Turn the ignition JUST PRIOR to actually cranking the engine over. At this point to make things easier just roll down the driver side window. Reach out with your arm through the window and lock the outside door using the valet key. Next, press either the unlock or lock button on the remote to be programmed. Wait two seconds and then press either the unlock or lock button again, it doesn't matter which one you press during any of this. However, what DOES matter is that you have only 30 seconds to press the buttons or you have to start over. After you've pressed the button for the 2nd time just shut the car off. The remote should now work. Your manual also has these same instructions for this procedure if you get stuck.

These instructions work for B5.5's older than 2001 ONLY
For those of you that have these newer cars that utilize the new Immobilizer security system you will unfortunatly have to pay more to reprogram your new key. This is because the new key has to be added into the ecu's known list of keys that correspond with your car. Basically the dealer will hook up a VAG-COM tool and set your car to recognize your key. The price of this service will vary from dealer to dealer. It is essentially what the dealer charges for an hour's worth of labor. Mine personally, charges $70 while most charge more than that. This can be done yourself using a VAG-COM tool of your own or if you can find someone that will do it for you then, lucky you. Be sure to remember to bring them something for their
most of the time.

Parting Words

This should be everything you need to acquire a second switchblade style remote for a B5 or B5.5 Passat. Hope this has been of some help to you new guys. Remember, the more you put into this forum and community the more you get out of it.

Thanks goes to Scuba2001 for his Banjo key retrofitting guide along with Darth_Volkswagen and Bobenis for their pictures.
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