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98 B5 1.8t 5spd colorado red 75,000 miles

Passat variant punks thread got me thinking and Although it could be a scary list heres mine :

All four engine mounts (front motor mount replaced twice second time with snub mount)
the lowers from all four doors
shiftboot(already need another)
one transmission mount
Abs control module
timing belt and tensioner
valve cover gasket
cam seal gasket
spark plugs twice
front brake pads and rotors twice
rear pads twice rotors once
master cylinder
oil pump and suck up tube
ingnition control module
all hoses
armrest cover
floor mats
one keyless remote broke (paid 120 for another that drove off on my moms trunk :cry: , yet to be replaced a second time)
bracket on bottom of driver seat broke had to get that took apart and replaced
Motor (top end is rebuilt bottom end is new and pistons plus crank and rods)
both window regulators
driver door rubber seal
rear passenger hedliner trim
cv boots
gas tank switch

How bigs your list?

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cylinder head
timing belt
timing belt tensioner
drive belt
front motor mount
coolant temp sensor
bumper (twice)
intake manifold gasket
dv valve (4 times)
ecu chip
marker lights
tip shifter chrome tube/stem and shifter knob
exhaust hangers
spark plugs
air filter
not bad for 2 years i guess??? (not all things were replaced due to defects, some i upgraded even though they werent bad, but most i replaced with better stuff when the o.e. stuff crapped out)

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Required (excluding mods):

oil filter
air filter
cabin filter
timing belt & tensioner
water pump
a/c & accessory belts
coolant temperature sensor
diverter valve
vacuum line
tie rod end
spark plugs
brakes later this week (80k and still on originals).

4 years today! :D

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'99 1.8t Tip 68,000
MAF and ICM at 60,000 (got the money back on the MAF)
Trans fluid and coolant at 60,000
Coolant Temp Sensor at 60,000
Water pumps at 20 and 47
Plugs at 47
Front brakes next week Axxis Ultimates (per the good advice here)
and Brembo OEM Replacements.
Headlight low beams Hoen (Plus)
Close to getting out the checkbook on the timing belt and tensioner.

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99 B5 1.8t Tip White 135,000 miles

I had to think on this one:

timing belt and tensioner (once)
spark plugs twice
front brake pads and rotors once - still good shape!
rear pads and rotors once
floor mats
Plastic cover on bottom front (Hooked on a stump on my Xmas tree farm - Doh!)
Two vacuum hoses - Thanks Vag-Com! Dealer took Mass Air Sensor back.....
Four daytime running lights
License Plate lites once
Both tail lites once
Temp Sensor (For dash gauge)
Windshield - BIG rock on I80
All Struts - Bildstein HD's
Both Lower COntrol Arms - Volkswagon covered at 70k
One upper control arm - 110k
Lots of oil and filters
Need the gasket set soon (Smell buring oil occasionally)
4th set of tires (Love the MVX4+ Energy but have opted to BFGoodrich for tread-life and 1/2 price)

I think that's about it! Not as reliable as the '85 Diesel Jetta but much better than '91 Passat!

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oil filter
air filter
abs control module
speed control module
gas cap
purge valve
fule filter
all nuts for suspension
rear left speaker
wind shield wipers (once stock, now triple edge)
coil packs
cabin air filter
front and rear brake pads to axxis ultimates
( i don't know if this counts ) I broke the rear ride heigh sensor when changing suspension and appoxied it, but should have replaced
soon to be brake fluid and hopefully ss brake lines
hopefully CF boser hood from group buy

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ireven, how do you like your Bilstein HD? What mileage did you have when you put them on?

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2001.5, 32K miles

oil & filter - 6 times
wipers - 2 times
gasoline in tank - probably 80 to 90 times
floor mats - once
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