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So, after awhile of being without a vehicle (about 7 months) and taking taxis everywhere I go (which could rack up to $40+ a day) a buddy of mine sold me a 2004 Passat 1.8 turbo 5-speed. He told me the previous owner put a new fuel pump on before he bought it. Also told me not to beat on her and she has a mind of her own. To be totally honest this wouldnt be a car I would buy. I know nothing about Volkswagen or any other foreign car. Pretty much a desperation buy, being that he's letting me pay the car off in payments. With that being said, I had to relearn how to drive a stick (didnt take long) and in the process of that I taught my wife how to drive a manual, FUN TIMES. Shifting is smooth except shiftin into first at times. Car handles great gets up to speed and is smooth sailing in higher MPH. I've grown to love this car.

Now the EPC light issue. I troubleshooted my issues and came back to believing I need a Engine Speed Sensor. Went to auto zone thinking I was gonna walk out with what I needed, not the case. Guy told me there is 4 wheel sensors and a engine to transmission sensor. I'm lost and need some help guys. I dont have money to shell out to an auto shop. I also enjoy fixing my own cars. I just dont know much about this car. Any info to get me in the right direction will be GREATLY appreciated.
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