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EPC Light and Multiple Codes on 2002 Passat 1.8V AWM

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Hello All,
Looking for some assistance with the following codes. They may not all relate to the EPC light being on, but I would like to resolve the light related things first.

System description: 1.8L R4/5VT G
Software number: 4B0906018CM
Software version: 0010
Hardware number: 8E0909018
Coding: 0016551

Trouble codes:
P0322 - Ign./Distributor Eng.Speed Inp.Circ. No Signal No signal/communication
P0300 - Random/Multiple Cylinder Misfire Detected Implausible signal
P1114 - Bank 1, sensor 2 Internal resistance too high Implausible signal
P0304 - Cyl.4 Misfire Detected Implausible signal
P0140 - O2 Sensor Circ.,Bank1-Sensor2 No Activity Detected No signal/communication
P1479 - Brake vacuum system mechanical malfunction Implausible signal
P1556 - Charge press. ctrl. Value below lower control limit Lower limit not reached
P1327 - Knock control cylinder 3 Control limit reached Upper limit exceeded
P1328 - Knock control cylinder 4 Control limit reached Upper limit exceeded
P0012 - A Camshaft Position (Bank1) Timing over-retarded Upper limit exceeded
P1250 - Fuel level too low Implausible signal

Any help and guidance would be greatly appreciated.
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Those are typical issues with a failing engine speed sensor.
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You can try a wood or sheet metal screw to get the broken plastic tube out of the hose. Most auto parts stores will carry a package of plastic fittings. I know AutoZone has one that worked.
You would need about a 3.5mm fitting.
If the plastic tube doesn't come out with a screw inside, you can just crush it with pliers and pull out the broken pieces.
1 - 3 of 17 Posts