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The history, on Sunday while driving, I suddenly saw the EPC and CEL come on for just a second and then disappear. The car stuttered (no power with gas applied) but then returned to normal.

Yesterday, idled at a stop light, the car stalls and dies (with the EPC and CEL light on). I turn it on again, and everything is fine. I intermittently would get the EPC and CEL flash, no power, and then it was running fine.

Going into work today, going 65 on the freeway, I see the lights, then the car goes dead, I see the Stop Oil Pressure message (my guess is the engine is dead so that's why that came on), I coast and park in the shoulder and then call the AAA tow truck to take me to the Fred's Garage in Redwood City.

Reading around, I think it might be the Throttle Body or Speed Sensor, and the Mechanic has yet to get back to me as their main diagnostic person is out. However, I also worry that it might be related to the Wetterauer chip and a loose, bad, cracked solder socket/job, apparently a common occurance. I've had this weird situation that if the Wetterauer chip is installed (since 05), the car runs fine, if I put in the stock chip, I get a CEL. I've been procrastinating resolving it as Wetterauer was in/out of the US market, but now I called Steve's European Automotive just to find out that they've pulled out of the Wetterauer business.

So being as I plan for the worst, and hope for the best (and since the diagnostic person is out for 3 days), who can I go to get this fixed if it's a Wetterauer problem? Do they still have a US presence? If not, any suggestions on who I can have it sent of to in the USA to resolder/resocket the board? I'm prefer locally since I don't have a second car, but working is better than not working. I live in the SJ bay area if people have local recommendations. I've emailed Wetterauer from but I've previously emailed the same question and they didn't respond so I'm not sure if that's going to be helpful.

Thanks a lot.
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