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I have a VW Passat S TDI Auto. The ECB is working but I am getting flashing Brake light warnings on the dial and on the stitch itself as well as a text message saying the Parking Brake is faulty. I have tried Resetting the Computer by disconnecting the battery but it is still there. It beeps constantly when driving. In fact the brake is working OK though the auto hold doesn't seem to be functioning. It sonds to me that this is a faulty alarm.

Does anyone know how to stop the audible alarm? I have to drive a long way tomorrow (Sunday) and I won't be able to get anyone to look at the problem until next week.

I have looked at disconnecting the switch but once I get the side panel off I cant seem to get the switch to push out. I don't want to brake the mounting.

Thanks for any ideas.

best wishes

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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